I Spy Tie Dye!

I have been a sucker for tie dye lately. It is such a fun touch to summer workouts. Stand out the crowd with some unique tie dye pieces to bring out your inner hippie:

Photo Credit: Forever21
A cheerful sports bra peps up any solid top and bottom and looks amazing with a slouchy shirt. Forever 21 and Without Walls offer cute sports bras at a bargain price.

From Left to Right: Tie Dye Sports Bra, $28 // Tie-Dye Macrame Sports Bra, $14.80 // Tie-Dye Studio Bra, $10.80 // Tie-Dye Sports Bra, $12.80

Photo Credit: Hard Tail Forever
If you love tie dye, Hard Tail and OmGirl have the best selection. There are several variations of tanks and prints...it would be so hard to chose!

From Left to Right: Hard Tail Over Easy Workout Top, $72 // Hard Tail Sexy Tank, $40 // X-Back Relay Back Tank, $64 //  OmGirl "Mad Plaid" Tank, $48

Photo Credit: Hard Tail Forever
I have a Hard Tail Slouch Back Sweatshirt in white and wow....I was blown away by their quality. They have the best quality material combined with some of the prettiest tie dye patterns out there. I'm dying (no pun intended) to try their dyed version of the slouch back, and I just HAVE to try their fitted yoga jacket. It's just gorgeous!

From Left to Right: Hard Tail Slouch Back Sweatshirt, $108 // Hard Tail Diamondback Long Sleeve Tee, $82 // Hard Tail Fitted Yoga Jacket, $128 // Hard Tail Diamond Back Tee, $68 

Photo Credit: Without Walls
Nothing says sexy like booty shorts, and these tie-dyed shorts are "booty-ful"! (Yes, I just went there!) I love Hard Tail's and OmGirl's variations! These are definitely not for the shy....all attention will be on the behind!

From Left to Right: Omgirl "Seaweed" Tie-Dye Organic Cotton Shorts, $58 // Hard Tail "Bootie" Shorts, $55 // Hard Tail "Bootie" Shorts, $48 // Hard Tail Tie Dye Shorts, $45

Photo Credit: Hard Tail Forever
Once again, OmGirl and Hard Tail have show stopper prints...especially in their crops! I'm totally in love with the print on the left (below).

From Left to Right: Hard Tail Tie Dye Capri Yoga Crops, $68 // OmGirl "Ahimsa -Mad Plaid" Organic Cotton Capri Legging, $78 // OmGirl "Ahimsa - Marble Dye" Organic Cotton Capri Legging, $78 // Hard Tail Shirred Knee Length Leggings, $72

Photo Credit: Mind Body Green
If you are looking for a little more stability than yoga leggings, Without Walls has the prettiest running tights at a great price! These are loud, fun, and will make quite a statement!

From Left to Right: Hard Tail Roll Waist Legging, $78 // Without Walls Black and White Run Tights, $64 // Without Walls Tie Dye Run Tights, $64 // Without Walls Pink and Blue Run Tights, $64

Photo Credit: Etsy Seller, "Purusha People"
Nothing says "special" like a pair of yoga leggings hand dyed from the heart. Esty sellers "Purusha People" and "OmBeautiful" offer gorgeous hand dyed leggings that guarantee a unique (and coveted) outfit for any yogi.

Left to Right: Siren Organic Leggings, $98 // Red Purple Yoga Pants Hand Dipped Dyed Leggings, $55 // Pink and Grey Dip Dyed Yoga Pants, $55 // Organic Nirvana Yoga Leggings, $98

Photo Credit: Monroe
I'm totally lusting after these amazingly-dyed sweats by Monroe.  The sweats looks just as pretty as they look comfy! I would love the "Rio" sweats to lounge all day in.

Left to Right: "Fish Bone" Vintage Fleece Three Quarter Sweatpants, $106 // "Rio" Vintage Sweatpants, $106 // "Sun Faded" Tie Dye Vintage Fleece Sweatpants, $132 // "Fish Bone" Vintage Fleece Sweatpants, $126

Photo Credit: BessBeFit
I love accessories that pop. Sometimes they are just the touch needed to complete an outfit. Try pulling a touch of tie-dye into your wardrobe with hairbands, socks, or a wide headband. Yogitoes has some of the best yoga towels on the market and they are gorgeous AND functional!

From Left to Right: TwistBand Rock Hair Tie Set, $6 // SOF SOLE 6-Pack No Show Socks in Tie-Dye, $9.99 // Yogi Toes Groovy Quest Mat Towel, $64 // Pistil Bonnie Headband, $18

Want some more great tie-dye ideas? Check out my Pinterest Board, "I Spy Tie Dye!"

Lululemon Store Visit - Tie Dye!

Lululemon store visit! I stopped by one of my local Lululemon stores on the way to my trapeze lesson last night. I was surprised that there was so many goodies I wanted to try on!

I ended up wearing my Lululemon Zing Pink All Sport Bra, Lululemon Soot Light Cool Racerback, Athleta Chatarunga Capri in Blueberry, Lululemon Every Yogi Tee in Pipe Dream Blue, Athleta Spectrum Sweatshirt, and Jack Purcell Converse shoes.

After Class Cardigan, size 4
The After Class Cardigan was a little confusing when I tried to put it on...it looked like I was wearing it upside down at first. I do like how it flows when the cardigan is open, but I do not think it is worth the $108 price tag. This is something I would only consider if it was 30-40% off.

I also do not understand their marketing on wearing it right side up, upside down, and backwards. Yes...just because you can TECHNICALLY wear it that way doesn't mean that you should....unless you want people to look at you funny for wearing your cardigan backwards.

Bring Back the Track Jacket, size 4
I looved the Ultra Swift material in the Bring Back the Track Jacket. This jacket felt amazing. It's light weight, packable, and has zip pocket with a hood.  It has just the right amount of looseness without being too baggy, and the material flows really gracefully in the back.

I did find that the size 4 was a little too snug in my hips when zipped.

Bring Back the Track Jacket, size 6
I thought the size 6 was perfect. Honestly if they had this is the Cadet Color (on the Australian site), I would have bought it.

No Limits Tank, size 4
I haven't bought a No Limits Tank in awhile and was attracted to this one in Ambient Grey. When I looked at it online, I thought the stripes were black so I wasn't interested.....but the stripes are actually dark grey. I thought it would be a great neutral tank for all of my bright bottoms.

I ended up sizing down to a size 4. Since I no longer practice yoga on a regular basis, these tops are used for weight lifting and running. It is more important that the elastic band is snug and gives me support than being more relaxed.

Weightless Crew and Hotty Hot shorts, size 6
Once I tried on the Weightless Crew, I remembered exactly why I have passed on it at full price. For $78, I kind of feel ripped off. I can get a No Limits Tank for $64 with a built in bra, but a boxy, sheer pullover costs $14 more? I don't really get that.

I also don't like that the material on the pocket shows through. This is something that is pretty hidden on the website. You cannot see the pocket lining in the photo of the model wearing the White Weightless Crew. It was an easy pass. I would only consider it if it was $58 or less.

Swiftly Tee and Tank, size 4
 I was really excited to see the tie dye Swiftly shirts in the store! I did notice that there was a BIG difference on print placement. Some had mainly white and some had almost all grey. You might want to go to the store to cherry pick your swiftly if you are particular about your print placement.

Lined Studio Pants, size 6
There was a pair of white lined Studio Pants on markdown for $79. I don't know what it is about the lining, but I don't feel like the lined pairs fit me as well as the regular pairs. I didn't really care for the fit and figured the white would be a nightmare to keep clean. Easy pass for me.

Scuba and Up the Pace Crops, size 6
I tried on a Scuba in Mojave Tan and Granite. Although there were many pieces with the granite print in my store, this was the only one I was willing to give a try. I don't know what is the difference of the telemark print, but the fabric in the scuba is really nice. I'm not a fan of the tan color with my skin color, but it was still tempting out of comfort!

I was also impressed with the Up the Pace crops in Black/Angelwing. The waistband had cute little dots on the top, and the material was completely opaque. I couldn't see anything through the pants when I bent over. I don't need anymore black crops so I passed.

So here is my loot from last night. I ended up getting the tie dye Swiftly Tee and Tank, Black Hotty Hot Shorts, and No Limits Tank in Ambient Grey.

Hotty Hot Shorts in Black, size 6
I decided to get a THIRD pair of Hotty Hot shorts in basic black. I swear I'm going to get rid of all of my Speed Shorts soon. These shorts are so comfortable and I love how they fit. They don't fit awkward like my Speed Shorts. They've been great for my runs and lounging around the house.

Fit is the same as my other two pairs. A little shorter than Speeds, but a little looser in the rear. If you have a flat rear, you may not be able to fill these out.

No Limits Tank in ambient Grey, size 4
I also couldn't resist buying the No Limits Tank in Ambient Grey. I liked it so much I ended up wearing it to trapeze last night!

As you can see in the photos, the stripe is actually a dark grey and not black. I like that this is grey because I can wear it with any solid-colored bottoms. Grey, black, blue, neon.....it all works.

Although I don't own many of these anymore, the No Limits Tank was one of my favorite tanks that got me turned into a "Lulu-Addict." This the type of piece that really made Lululemon special, and I can totally understand why the company would want to protect this design. The bra with fabric sewed to it is a popular style that wouldn't be popular if it wasn't for Lululemon.

Swiftly Tee and Racerback in Heathered Black Tie Dye, size 4
I ended up getting both Swiftlys since I was worried about print placement. Although I ordered the Swiftly Tee online, I really like the pattern placement on the one I tried on in the store. I also picked a different tank than the one I tried one because it had more grey in it.

The material says black tie dye, but I think it is definitely more charcoal/grey than black. Like the No Limits Tank, it's a great neutral that will go with a lot of my bottoms.

Although I feel a little silly for buying the tee AND the tank, I do feel like the prints are a little different. I also wear the tank and tee for different types of workouts. I just hope I have the willpower to turn down the long sleeve version when it comes to the states!

What did you think about this week's product drop? I'm not a big fan of the granite or the "meesh" mesh line. I do like the tie dye and think they would have been even more popular in a few color variations (i.e., cadet blue, jeweled magenta).

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