These are a few of my favorite (fitness) things....

Hello ladies! I decided to write a three part series that highlighted my favorite activewear pieces! I have been fortunate enough to try a variety of the best fitness apparel brands on the market, and these are the pieces I can't live without!

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Part I of III - Tops

It was so hard for me to pick my favorites! There were quite a few categories that were really close so I added "honorable mentions" for the close calls.

Favorite supportive bra

Hands down, my favorite supportive bra is Victoria's Secret "Angel" sports bra. Victoria's Secret knows a good bra and definitely knows a great fitting sports bra. 

These bras lift and separate the goods, giving you a stabilized (yet perky) chest. The sports bra comes in normal bra measurements (vice small, medium, large) and has a hook closure for custom fit.

(Size 32D)

Some other brands look can be too loose in the front or too tight in the back. These bras look great in the front, and the back lays completely it is molded for your own unique fit.  The price is reasonable at $49.50, and the company runs regular sales. I have four of these and feel like I don't have enough! I'm already tempted to get the "blueberry twist marl."

[Victoria's Secret Angel Bra Review]

Favorite decorative bra

My recent obsession has been Lorna Jane sports bras. Their sports bras are one of the prettiest AND most well made on the market with a ginormous selection to choose from.

The quality and attention to detail is phenomenal. Every little feature in Lorna Jane sports bras has been carefully planned out. I love the great padding and adjustable straps.

(Size Small)
The color of the Tanika bra is stunning. I have been 110% happy with all of my Lorna Jane bras. While the cost may be a little on the higher side, the quality, fit, and design make these bras well worth the investment. I have recently bought a few of these bras, and they were all amazing in terms of fit, quality, and design.

[Lorna Jane Tanika Bra Review]

Favorite tank with built in bra

The No Limits Tank is one of Lululemon's staple tops, and it has been copy-catted by MANY discount brands. The No Limit Top is perfect for activities like hot yoga, but can also be worn on hot days. I really love how it is a sports bra with material loosely draped over it.

(Size 4)
So sad that this take is being retired! It's such a great staple that has been copied/inspired by many brands. I can't imagine them making a No Limits Tank II. I can't even think of anything to make this one better. Seriously, seriously bummed...get them on markdown while you can!

[Lululemon No Limits Tank Review]

Honorable Mention - Lululemon Flow and Go Tank, $64 (not in stock)

Lululemon knows how to make a great, billowy bra tank. Their Flow and Go is by far my second favorite bra tank. I love the breathable material combined with a beautiful flowing back. My only "gripe" is the straps can be a little hard on the neck. This is why the No Limit Tank is number 1 in my book.

(Size 4)
It looks great in yoga pants or shorts. The stunning back will catch some attention. I always get positive comments in this tank! I have two, white and vintage pink, and they have been great neutrals to my brights and printed leggings.

Favorite tank

I have to admit, I completely overlooked the Cool Racerback (CRB) when I first discovered Lululemon. I initially thought, "why buy a plain tank when I can buy an awesome flowy tank with a built in bra?" I bought my first one and I was instantly hooked. They are tanks like no other. Soft and matte for casual wear yet moisture wicking and breathable for workouts. While I do prefer the flowy tops (i.e., Flow and Go, No Limits Tank) for humid workouts like hot yoga, these have been a wardrobe staple. There's no need to buy a casual tank or a workout tank when you can have both with the CRB. 

(Size 4)
The tanks can be worn as loose or form-fitting as you like. I prefer to wear a size 4 because I like mine more fitted. I love these for weight lifiting, running, aerial arts...and they also are great under sweaters and blouses.

Like I said...a complete wardrobe staple. I have them in all colors of the rainbow. Give them a try, and I guarantee you'll find that one is never enough!

[Lululemon Cool Racerback Review]

Honorable Mention - 1st Runner Up - Athleta Chi Tank (Extra Long), $42

The Athleta Chi Tank is another favorite because of the material used. It is the same price-point of Lululemon's Cool Racerback, but the material is really silky and has anti-stink fibers!

(Size Extra Small)
I really like the extra long version! It's enough material to cover your bum! The silkiness and anti-stink material makes it a great choice for the summer season!

[Athleta Chi Tank Review]

Honorable Mention - Second Runner Up - Lululemon 105f Singlet, $52

This category was the hardest to pick because I had three different tanks that were almost a neck-to-neck tie. I really like Lululemon's 105f singlet. While it is a little harder to wear casually, it is very breathable in the summer and is made with anti-stink material.

(Size 2)
While I do love the fit when sized down, I do have to knock it slightly for the price. The higher price makes it harder to justify, especially since it 24% higher than the Cool Racerback or the Chi Tank. I can get a Lululmeon Power Y Tank with a built in bra for $52 so it is harder to justify a braless tank for the same price.

[Lululemon 105f Singlet Review]

Favorite short sleeve tee

While I own some of the regular crew necks, I just love the Lululemon Swiftly Scoop Neck! I find that the scoop is just enough to not be stuffy yet high enough to not show cleavage! The price point is a little on the high side, but it has anti-stink fabric to keep your tee from smelling old.

(Size 4)
While some ladies might find this tee delicate, I have not had any delicate tees in recent purchases. I did notice that the INSIDE is very delicate if it gets turned inside out, but the outside is quite durable. I have worn mine to weight lifting (dragging a bar against my body) and to static trapeze where I rolling up, down, left, right all over a rough trapeze bar. Can really speak in terms of the pet department, but so far mine have all survived!

[Lululemon Swiftly Tee *Scoop Review]

Favorite long sleeve tee

My Athleta Shiva Top has been so overworn it is almost dingy! I have worn it casually and over workout has taken quite a beating! The material is a cotton material that is super-soft and breathable....making it a great cover up in the summertime!

(Size extra-small)
Although a little twisted in the photo, I really love the fit of this LS top! It is soft, long, and has comfy thumbholes. The neckline has just the right amount of scoop and I like the scoop shape on the bottom rear. I have 2-3 of these tops and they get constant rotation!

[Athleta Shiva Top 2 Review]
Favorite sweatshirt/pullover

While I love my number two pick because of comfort, the Hard Tail Forever Slouch Back Pullover is an easy pick for my favorite pullover. The material is soft and breathable, and the design is gorgeous. I love the T-back design, and the white goes with almost all of my tanks!

(Size Small)
While the white is gorgeous, Hard Tail also offers this in beautiful tie-dye shades! I love the white one because it get sooo much summertime wear. While most pullovers feel stuffy, this one is so airy I can feel the breeze on my back as I walk by!

[Hard Tail Forever Slouch Back Pullover Review]

If you are looking for a basic pullover with a wide neckline, this is it! Athleta's Spectrum Sweatshirt is made with buttery soft soft, you'll never want to take it off!

(Size extra-small)
I love my Spectrum Sweatshirt. It gets the second most wear to the Hard Tail Slouch Back Pullover! It is so soft and comfortable, I never want to take it off!

[Athleta Spectrum Sweatshirt Review]

Favorite jacket

Anyone who reads my blog knows I'm a die hard Forme jacket fan...I have 8 of them! Although I can't wear them causally they have been great for all of my active activities and adventures. The fit is fitted and figure-flattering. The Forme has had some issues in the beginning when it replaced Lululemon's Define Jacket, but the brand has worked out all of the kinks. It is has now been very consistent with the fit and quality. 

(Size 6)
I just love the fit of these on me! They have gotten so much wear for golf, aerial arts, weightlifting, to and from the gym....everything! The Forme is definitely a wardrobe staple for any activity.


That was part I of II for my current favorite fitness items! Stayed turned for Part II (Favorite Bottoms and Accessories) and Part II (Favorite Fitness Apparel Brands)!

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Lululemon Store Visit - Post Practice Cardi + All Tied Up Tank

Hello ladies! I decided to take back my Bordeaux Drama Diamond Dot Wunder Under Pants. I'm still not convinced they were sheer, but the fact that they were thin bothered me....I figured I would just be patient for either a cotton roll down or solid crop version. :(

Yogini 5 Year Long Sleeve in size 4, Happy Yin Year Sweatpants in size 6
 I tried on the Yogini 5 Year Long Sleeve in white and Happy Yin Year Sweatpants in Bordeaux Drama. I really liked the Yogini Long Sleeve. The Vitasea fabric is really soft and comfortable...I could see myself wanting to reach out for this long sleeve over and over. The only thing I didn't like was the white being so sheer. Since I would be wearing this more casually than for workouts, I didn't want to have to rely on always wearing a tank underneath it. If they had the Bordeaux Drama West2East Stripe, I probably would have been tempted to buy it.

One of the educators was a fan of the Yin Year Sweats, and I can see why. While her concern was that they look better with girls with muscle....I would disagree. I have a pretty muscular hiney...While my rear filled out the back of the pants, they were too tight in the front. I think this is going to be an item with fit issues. If you are super slender, it probably won't do much for your rear. If you are muscular, it will be hard to fit in the front. It's a shame because the color is so pretty. I'm hoping we get the After Asana Pants in Bordeaux Drama.

Free to Be Bra in size 6
I was hoping to see that new Inky Print Scuba, but they only had the new stripe print and the solid Bordeaux Drama one. I did try on the Free to Be bra, but passed because I'm not a fan of the style. Actually I think the style looks pretty, I just think the top is a little too low and supportive enough for my larger chest. I'm hoping that we will see an All Sport Bra in this print. This is a really pretty print, and I think it will be really popular if they don't use that slippery fabric that stretches white.

Exhalation pullover in size 6
Wow...the biggest let down was the Exhalation Pullover. As you can see from my reviews last year, I was pretty much in love with the first one. I ended up reselling my heathered black (because I don't wear much black these days), but I loved it so much I got both colors. I sized down to a 4 in last year's version. If you look at the photos, it didn't pull at the hips. It was still loose and flowed beautifully.

This years version is a hot mess. I'm hoping there will be so much outrage on HeyLululemon that they will bring back the old style next year. While I bought a size 4 in last years version, this year's version in size 6 was just flat-out awkward. Last year's version had room in the hips, but this one was awkwardly snug. I couldn't size up because it was oddly large in the waist. Snug in the hips, large in the waist....hmm...that's not quite right. It didn't seem that much shorter, but there were other bigger issues with the new version. The material was nowhere near as soft, and I also didn't like the pocket feature or the contrasted stitching. I never really complain a lot, but this one was all kinds of wrong...especially since the first one was perfect.

Note - I put feedback on HeyLululemon. Please comment or vote on this if you would like to see it revert back to the old Exhalation Pullover.

All Tied Up Tank in size 4
I was really surprised that I liked the All Tied Up Tank. I didn't mind the sheerness of the Vitasea because I would only being wearing it for hot workouts. The fabric was really silky and soft.

I'm not a fan of wearing it un-tied, but I figured I would show a photo in case you were curious about how it looked un-knotted.

I really like that the back can be knotted at different lengths. It's great for roll-down pants or if you want to show your waistband. My only complaint would be the fabric appears to roll at the bottom and that is a little annoying.

I did wear it immediately to my trapeze class. It gets so hot in the tent I appreciated the open back! I liked how soft and airy it would also be perfect for hot yoga, running, or even a beach/pool cover-up!

Here's a short video of my trapeze class. I wore the All Tied Up Tank with my Fabletics Ombre Salar Legging and Koia Bra. I had to cuff my leggings when I was doing ankle hangs. We were working on motion control getting into the ankle hang...when I was getting ready to do a beat to get back up to the bar ("beat" = a momentum swing), I was dangerously close to whacking him in his man parts...hence the laughter at the end! Hahaha


(If you are using a mobile device, you might have to view this from your computer.)

Post Practice Cardi in size 4
I was really shocked I loved the Post Practice Cardi since I thought it was a pretty boxy, masculine cardigan! It was so thick and comfortable, I couldn't resist! I get really lazy in the winter and have been looking for a great cardigan to throw over all of my tank tops.

While it is expensive, I did appreciate that everything was well made. Even the snaps were high in quality and did not show through on the other side (a pet peeve of mine).

I really liked the relaxed fit of this cardigan. It looked good closed, but I preferred to wear it open. It is really loose so I don't recommend wearing it with relaxed's best with fitted jeggings/skinny jeans or yoga leggings.

Just a yoga outfit to show to the practicality of wearing to and from the gym. I'm wearing it with a fuchsia bra, grey tank, and cadet blue cotton leggings.'s so comfy I want to live in it! It almost makes me want to wish that fall would come soon (almost).

I went a little crazy, but I found that the cardigan goes with all kinds of causal boots and shoes! I can wear it with sneaks, loafers, fuzzy boots, slouchy boots, motorcycle boots, riding boots...haha the possibilities are endless!

Fabletics August Review - Ombre and Lava Print

Last week, I was super excited to see all of the great Fabletics selections for August! I ordered the "Earth" outfit for my monthly pick. I got the Oula Tank in Kelly Green in extra-small and the Salar Leggings in the Blue Lava Print in size small. For the extras, I bought the Salar Cobalt Ombre Leggings in small, Koia Cobalt Sports Bra in small, Tempe Sweatshirt in extra-small, and Aventura Mulberry Ombre Tank in extra-small.

Last month, I fell in love with the Koia Bra and was excited to see it again in a new color! For being a "discount" brand, this tank is extremely well made and could compete with any upper/high level activewear brands. For $19.95, it is an absolute steal, and I highly recommend that you give it a try.

I think my favorite part of this sports bra is the back. It is very supportive, but the open back design gives it a detail that makes it unique. I love how the straps fall on the outside of my tank top vice inside. The neckline is a v-neck, but it is not a deep plunge. I am a 32 D, and the bra shows minimal cleavage.

The ombre Salar leggings were so pretty. It was easily one the items I was most excited to try. The dye is really pretty. I couldn't have asked for a better blue ombre.

I found these true to size, but the material felt in between Lululemon's Luon and Luxtreme fabrics. Not bad at all...there is some silkiness to the fabric. I didn't find these shiny which is always a plus in my book.

The ombre dye looks really pretty on. I was really impressed with these. If this was a bigger brand like Lululemon, Lulu-addicts would be snatching these up left and right. I would be really surprised if they don't sell out soon. While I think they make great yoga leggings, I also think the ombre would look really unique tucked into boots since the dye changes color at the knee.

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered the tank. It was so cheap, I figured what the hell...and put it in my basket. The dye job is really pretty. The top is not true white...more similar to Lululemon's "angelwing" cream color.

I really like how this tank breathes well. I wish I had this all summer because it is so lightweight. I don't know if I would want all of the solids, but the ombre color is sooo pretty.

I don't think I have a favorite in this group...I love so many items....but if I did, it might be this one! I can't believe I almost didn't buy this! At $15, I was like "why not..." The ombre is really pretty, and I love how it drapes. It's the perfect length, and it is not too tight or too loose. I can easily see this a causal and workout favorite.

I give Fabletics credit for doing beautiful ombre pieces at a discounted price. This pullover was a steal, but the colors they used were gorgeous! I'm not sure I liked the unfinished top, but I'm not sure I would like it sewn either. I guess I just don't want it to fray as much.

The material is soft, but not "french terry" soft like Athleta or Lululemon. It's like comparing Egyptian Cotton 1200 thread count sheets from a mall kiosk to Macy's. The $30 kiosk ones are going to be soft, but not as soft as a high end company. French Terry is not equal...just don't expect the same softness from a lower end retailer to a higher end one. I still love the print and the material at the price point.

While the bottom was a little snug at first, I'm definitely glad I sized down. It seems likeI have regretted all of the Fabletics items I didn't down in. Some of the photos make this pullover really boxy, but it looks nice as a fitted pullover. The bottom cuff was a little snug on my rear but has loosened up a bit. I really like this and will be wearing it in the fall casually as well as a gym cover up.

I really liked the color of the Oula tank and the Lava print this month. The Lava print looks like a floral print far away, but it is this really pretty "lava" blobs of blue on a black print. It is much prettier in person than on the site. The tank is also a really pretty true "kelly" green. I don't have any true green tanks so I was happy to add this to my rainbow of tank tops.

Hmmm...while I love the lava color, I am was a little disappointed with these pants! They fit sooo rediculously tight I was barely able to shimmy them up my legs. I was practically breaking a sweat trying to get them on. They kinda have that Lululemon Luxtreme feel where they are really slick.  I ordered a size small but my rear almost didn't fit in! I know I have a larger hiney but jeeze! I still like these because of the great price, but you might want to consider going up in size.

When I was wearing them around they were getting better in regards to fit. I do like that the length isn't super long. I'm on the fence of keeping them. I'll probably keep them for static trapeze...that way I don't have worry about them getting beaten up....I just hope it's not a huge effort putting them on!

I like this tank. It's soft, thin, and I love the color. I can see how some might have issues with it though. It is a little on the clingy side and there is some static when you pull it down. I still really like it. I don't have any "true" green tops so I'm happy to have another color to my rainbow. I also love these tanks because the quality is good and they are cheap. I can throw something cute on, and I won't get upset that I "ruined" my favorite workout top. My sister is wanting to do some obstacle course races with me this year. These kind of tops would be perfect. They are light and inexpensive...I'll be able to toss it if it gets ruined.

It was so hard to pick a favorite this month...I don't think I can do it! While I loved my "extra" pieces I bought, I ended up only liking the pieces in my outfit! I'll use the piece in the "earth" outfit, but I'll get a ton of wear of all the ombre pieces!

Fabletics is a great deal. You can still get your first outfit for $25 if you have never tried them before! If you end up giving Fabletics a try, I would really appreciate it if you used my referral link

Did you order anything from this month's picks?