Summer Tasting Party with Taste of Nature!

Disclosure: This #RealTastesGood post was sponsored by Taste of Nature through their partnership with Clever Girls Collective. While I was compensated by Clever Girls Collective, all opinions are my own.

Taste of Nature kindly sent me some samples so I could host my own summer tasting party! It was my static trapeze instructor's last day at TSNY-DC so it was a great way to celebrate our last class together!

So here's the facts about Taste of Nature:
  • Taste of Nature believes #RealTastesGood and creates delicious, certified organic, gluten-free certified, non-GMO project verified snack bars with real nuts, fruits, and grains that you can see (and under 200 calories, too!). Nothing artificial, no fillers and no chemicals with names that are as hard to pronounce as they are to digest - what you see is what you get with these bars.
  • Six delicious flavors in the U.S.: Brazilian Nut Festival, California Almond Valley, Quebec Cranberry Carnival, Canadian Maple Forest, Himalayan Goji Summit, and Persian Pomegrante Garden
  • Cost per bar: $1.99
  • To find the closest retail store that sells Taste of NAture snack bars, click here.
We had five different Taste of Nature flavors to sample, and there were many hungry staff and students eager to try them out:

 One of our instructors, Alex, loved tasting his upside down in the static trapeze!

Remi, another TSNY-DC instructor, sampled his in between his trapeze flyers!

 Our trampoline instructor, Rich, also happily tried his between classes!

Let's not forget the hungry students! All of the bars were gobbled up by the circus-loving students!

My static trapeze classmates, Anna and Hannah, also love their bars! 

I was definitely glad we had healthy treats before class! It was our last class with Andrew, and he worked us out HARD! 

Thanks to my amazing instructor, Andrew, I have improved so much this summer. I am so sad he is leaving, but happy he is moving on to exciting things in the future! We will all miss you Andrew!

Worn down after class: myself, Andrew, Anna

I do have to say.... I'm quite the picky eater, and I loved these bars! My absolute favorite was the Canadian Maple Forest. I would have to say the students and staff agreed because they were snatched up first. I love that the Taste of Nature bars are tasty, healthy, AND organic..... I'm now officially a fan! I found out that they carry them at my local Whole Foods in P Street and Georgetown so I'm going to have to grab a few more!

Thank you Taste of Nature for allowing me to share these bars with TSNY-DC. The staff and students all appreciated the opportunity to try a healthy treat!

If you would like to read more about Taste of Nature, be sure to to check out their website and all of their awesome social medial sites!
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Lululemon Store Visit - 8/23/2014

Whoo hoo...catching up on my last Store Visit tonight! I went to Clarendon yesterday and tried on some of their newest items:

I'm always a wee-bit happy to be in Lululemon not wearing Lululemon. I wear workout clothes enough its nice to mix it up. Wearing a Massimo Dutti sweater vest and blouse, skinny jeans, and flip flops. (Thank you Lulu-lighting for making my biceps look man-ish...I promise you they don't look that big in real life.)

Skinny Will Pants, size 6
I really liked the Skinny Will Pants in Inkwell. They were made of that denim-like material. They were really comfy, but I passed them. I haven't really figured out how I prefer wearing the Skinny Wills. I like pairing them with flip flops and Converse Chucks, but that's about it. Most of my workout shoes look too bulky. If you love the Skinny Will Pants, you'll love them in this color.

105f Singlet, size 2
On Your Way Bra, size 6
I was happy to snag a Heathered Medium Grey 105f Singlet. (Keep in mind I always size down in these because they are huuuuge.) I have the Forme Jacket and the Cool Racerback in Heathered Medium Grey and I wear them more than any of my other colors. Not only are they a great neutral, they are ridiculously soft. The 105f Singlet is soft, but not as soft as my Forme Jacket and Cool Racerback. I got it to give my Cool Racerback a break. I've over-worn it so much it is starting to I prefer wearing 105f Singlets to workout in.

I really liked the On Your Way Bra. It reminded me a lot of the All Sport Bra....pretty much the same amount of support. I also liked having the Inkwell version as a good neutral. I have 23 sports bras and none of them are navy! I think I'm done for awhile in the sports bra category after this one!

Refresher Tank and Wunder Under Crops, size 6
I liked the style of the Refresher Tank, but it does run small. I normally buy size 4 in Cool Racerbacks, and this tank was too small in a size 4. I did size up to a size 6 and it was much better. The size 6 Refresher Tank fit like my size 4 Cool Racerback.

I did really like the Bumble Berry Wunder Under Crops. If I didn't already have 5-7 crops in pinks and reds, I would have bought these. The color is gorgeous and they seemed pretty opaque.

Wunder Under Crops, size 6
 I tried the Sashiko Wunder Under Crops, and I couldn't say that I hated them! They were on the tighter TTS felt really compressive even though I would say I'm on the lower end of a size 6. I liked them but didn't love them so I passed.

Tracker Shorts, size 6
 I really wanted these Inkwell Tracker Shorts to work but they were TINY. I originally tried a size 4, but I couldn't squeeze my rear in them! (I spared you of the photos!) Usually they run so large I have to size down, but my TTS 6 didn't even work on these. I don't think there was much give in the material.

Wunder Under Pants, size 6
I did get to re-try on the floral platoon Wunder Under Pants (WUP). They were exactly like the first pair I tried on....completely opaque and made of that denim-like material. I liked them, but I didn't know if I would get a ton of wear of them so I passed. Really pretty though. I liked the pattern placement of the ones I tried on.

Stride Jacket, size 4
I tried on the Stride Jacket and I was not impressed! Granted, I didn't get to try my TTS (sold out)...I could already tell the fit was going to be an issue. The size 4 was too small in the hips and the chest and shoulders didn't pull. I have a feeling if I get my typical size 6 it will be too loose. It's ok...I'm a huge Forme Jacket fan, and those don't work on I'm not too bummed that this one doesn't work on me.

Note - I also went to Tyson's Corner today to return the Ambassador Tank at Athleta. I tried on a few things, but I realized I left my phone in the car. I tried on the following things:

Bordeaux Drama Cotton Roll Down WUC/WUP - I tried on both the pants and the crops version of the Bordeaux Drama. I did love both pairs. They are both equally very soft and 100% opaque. My only complaint was the fact that they had little black flakes in the material. I decided against them since I wanted to wear them casually with brown tones. 

Heathered Slate WUC - I tried on the WUP a few weeks ago and liked these just as much. They are soft and opaque. I am worried about sweat showing on these so I passed on them.

Forest Green Ebb to Street Crops (Markdown) - These were on markdown... I really liked the color, but I can't seem to find a pair that fits me well. My TTS fits a little loose on the butt, yet the seams pulled across the rear. They weren't marked down enough to justify the price.

I couldn't help getting an On Your Way Bra in Inkwell. I have a lot of "pretty" bras, but not too many supportive bras. I really like Victoria's Secret Angel Bras for support, but every once and awhile Lulu surprises me with something I like.

As you can see in the photo, this bra is VERY similar to Lulu's All Sport Bra. The only difference in fit is the bottom part of the band. It seems to taper in a little bit more than the All Sport Bra. They are about the same in the neckline and support.

I think this is a great alternative if you are not a fan of the Energy Bra. I find this more supportive and flattering for my body type. For some reason, the Energy Bra doesn't fit my shoulder muscles very well, and it makes me looks like I have "spillage" in the back. I still prefer VS Angel Bras because of the adjustable back, but these and the All Sport Bra are a close runner up for support.

From Left to Right: Cool Racerback, Refresher Tank, SE Ribbed Cool Racerback
As you can see, the Refresher Tank is a little shorter than the Cool Racerback. I think my favorite cut is my Clarity Yellow SE Ribbed Cool Racerback. It still has a scoop like the Refresher Tank but has the skinner back and length like the Cool Racerback.

Laid on top of the Cool Racerback, the Refresher Tank is a little wider...but it is a size 6 while the Cool Racerback is a size 4.

I did note the Nylon/Lycra combo because this tank does feel silker and thinner. The material feels much different than the Cool Racerback even though they are both supposed to be made of the same fabric. I'll try to compare it later to a Cool Racerback with the same Nylon/Lycra %.

Just to show you the fit of the Refresher back. I don't think the wide back is as flattering as the Cool Racerback. I think if you have muscular shoulders, it can look too small on you. I do like the skinnier straps and shorter length for jeans though.

Overall, I really like the fit of this tank for casual wear. I like the smaller straps and scooped bottom. It's a great alternative, but I still have a soft spot for the Cool Racerback.

Quick Rant - While I like the Refresher Tank as an alternative, I will be seriously pissed if Lululemon replaces the Cool Racerback with these! Seriously!! I have a pretty short "do not touch" list and they already took one of them off. No touching Cool Racerbacks, No Limits Tanks, Forme Jackets, and Inspire Crops. They just finally got all the kinks worked out in the Forme Jacket last fall. I can safely buy one in any color and they are all really close in fit (unless it is a high polyester fabric). No Limits Tanks just got chopped.....Seriously Lulu....we will be not on speaking terms all winter if the Cool Racerback goes away. 

I did manage to order the Bordeaux Drama Inspire Crops, and I am TOTALLY LOVING the new distribution center! Sorry that it adds a few more days for the West Coasters, but the new location is AWESOME for East Coasters. It used to take 8 DAYS for me to get a Lulu-order. I would order on the old Monday Uploads and I wouldn't get it until the following Tuesday. This time, I ordered late Wednesday night and received it on Saturday. This is much better....I hated having to cycle through another week's upload before I even got my previous week's order delivered. Hoping this is a happy medium for everyone though there doesn't seem to be any benefit for the West Coast.

I really liked the waistband of these and found them 100% opaque. I ended up wearing them around all day today and didn't have to adjust them once. I am a little annoyed that I bought the Bordeaux Drama In the Flow Crops. They still have my size in stock online so it will be hard to resell them. I definitely won't wear them now that I have the color in the Inspire Crops. This makes me wish that Lululemon had a return policy like Athleta's!

Couldn't resist getting the 105f Singlet. I already wore it today with my Bordeaux Drama Inspire Crops. I like that the stripes are not as noticeable.  It fits the same as all of my other 105f Singlets.

Here's the 105f Singlet with the On Your Way Bra and Bordeaux Drama Inspire Crops. I really like this combination!

The outfit also looks good with my Post Practice Cardi! What did you guys think of my loot this week?

If anyone in the US will be by a store today or tomorrow, I would really love a Here to There Dress in Bordeaux Drama in a size 6....I will pay PayPal, shipping, taxes, plus tip! I have a really important event on Tuesday and will be unable to make it to my local store. Please contact me via email if you run across one!

Athleta Store Visit - 8/16/2014

It's another one of my catch up posts! (I'm getting there!) When I went to Tyson's Corner last week, I stopped by Lululemon and Athleta. Like always, I'm always impressed with Athleta's items....they had a bunch of things I'm interested in, and I can't wait to see their fall line.

Chi LS and Chi Tank, size XS
Chatarunga Tight, size S
The first thing I tried on was the Chi LS in Dress Blue, Chatarunga Tight in Granite Gray, and Chi Tank in Dress Blue

I really liked all three of these pieces. I think if they had the capri version of the tights, I would have bought them. They are opaque and didn't cast any shadows in the back. The Chi Tank and LS were really soft. I really liked both versions....I'm tempted to get both versions down the road.

Castlepeak Slub Crew and French Terry Sharkbite Top, size XS
I also tried the Castlepeak Slub Crew in Heathered Dress Blue and French Terry Sharkbite Top in Dress Blue Navy.

I liked the Castlepeak Slub Crew, but I didn't completely love it for the price. I would definitely buy it if it went on sale though. The Sharkbite Top was really soft. I also liked that it covered the butt in the back. I did find it a little tighter than my usual size XS tops so I think I needed to try it in a size small.  I think the quality was worth the full price, I just skipped it for now since it is still pretty warm outside.

Ambassador Tank and Sugar Rush Hoodie, size XS
I also tried the Ambassador Tank in Silver Shimmer and Sugar Rush Hoodie in Dress Blue. I liked that the Ambassador Tank was fitted, yet slightly loose. My favorite item was the Sugar Rush Hoodie. It doesn't look like much, but the material is buttery soft and super thin. It's a perfect pullover for the end of summer.

Update - I went to store to return my Ambassador Tank. I just didn't like how it slide upward when I worked out. Not only was I able to return the tank AFTER wearing it, I was also able to get a price adjustment for Sugar Rush Hoodie that recently went on sale! I am completely LOVING Athleta's no hassle return policy. I wish all brands were like this.

My favorite purchase was the Sugar Rush Hoodie. It looks much thicker than it really is! Looks can be deceiving.....its really light and will be great for the fall when things slightly cool down.

It's supposed to be a lighter, boxier pullover that works great with long tank tops. I wore it today to the mall and it was so comfortable!

Shown with Athleta's Ambassador Tank, Sugar Rush Hoodie, and Beyond Yoga Gathered Leggings.

I also got the Ambassador Tank. I liked that it was looser and made of Athleta's Unstinkable material. I ended up taking it back because I wasn't a fan of the fit when I was working out. It kept bunching up on me.

That's all for now...have you bought anything from Athleta lately? They're having some great sales!