Temporary Blog Closure

Hello ladies.

It saddens me to announce that I will be temporarily closing by blog until further notice. I have been trying to get back in the swing of things, but I haven't had the time or resources I once had to regularly post. Every time I attempt to come back, I am faced with another uphill battle so it's easier to temporarily shut my blogging doors than to try to play a cat and mouse game with you. I was enthusiastic over the blog's growth over the past year....I have done paid sponsorship, guest blogging for fitness apparel companies, and have been featured in printed press. This was quite an accomplishment that wouldn't have happened without loyal readers. I am sincerely appreciative and grateful for your loyalty.

Let's be honest here....there are many fashion, beauty, and fitness blogs....but the realm of fitness apparel blogs is rather small. If you have not done so, I encourage you to check out Agent Athletica's Blog. Her blog has also been a new development that has also been a quick (and rightful) success overnight covering all of the latest trends in fitness fashion. 

I will not be keeping my domain, but my achieves will be available at insightfulathlete.blogspot.com. Once again, I thank you all for reading...it's been a great ride. 

Another Lululemon Blog Sale

*Photos are posted. Once again, as a reminder....if you would like additional photos of the item, please use the search function on my blog. Thank you for shopping!*

Like I said in my earlier post, I'm having another blog sale! I always try to do a closet purge and get rid of the "excess." This purge was a little harder for me because I'm getting rid of a few items I love despite giving them enough love. I'm trying to re-home these that will get the love they deserve!

The following items are for sale. I will update this later tonight with photos. In the meantime, you can use the "search" button on the right for photos of the actual item.

Size 2:

  • Angel Blue 105f Singlet, Size 2, worn 2-3 times, $40  Sold

Size 4:
  • Black/Polar Cream Laceoflauge Back on Track Tank, Size 4, $40
  • Nimbus Groovy Stripe Scuba, Size 4, $70
  • Nimbus Groovy Stripe Cool Racerback, Size 4, $25

Size 6:

  • Universal Stripe Base Runner, Size 6, worn once, $80 (rare item and good stripe placement...was not released to many stores last year) Pending Payment
  • Black Wee Are From Space Inspire Crops, Size 6, worn a handful of times, $70 Pending Payment
  • Black Inspire Crops, Size 6, worn a handful of times, $55
  • Black In the Flow Shorts, Size 6, Soot Light Still Shorty Shorts, Size 6, worn 1-2 times, $40
  • Bali Breeze/Fatigue Wee Are from Space Wunder Under Crops, Size 6, new without tags, $80
  • Black Pique Skinny Will Pants, Size 6, worn a handful of times, $80 Sold
  • Black Crosstown Pants, Size 6, worn once, $135 (Selling for what I paid for. I love these, I just don't wear black anymore)

Size 8:

  • Black Ebb to Studio Bra, Size 8, worn 4-5 times, $35
  • Fresh Teal Ebb to Studio Bra, Size 8 worn 2-3 times, $35

Ivivva Size 14 (Lululemon Size 5/6):

  • Ivivva Bali Breeze Reversible Rhythmic Tights, Size 14, worn 2-3 times $45
  • Ivviva Keep Ur Cool Racerbacks, Size 14, new without tags, $15 Sold
    • -Ray
    • -Mermaid Tears
    • -Seapunk
    • -Creamsicle Pop Wee Are from Space

Shipping is typically $5 per item in the US. I'll pay shipping to US if over $100. I use PayPal as GOODS and always pay the fee. 

Accepted buyers are taken in the order they are received, not by the amount they offer. My prices are usually significantly lower than eBay and other sites closet sites so please do not try to haggle the price. I can provide additional photos, but I will be taking buyers by the order they are received. If someone changes their mind, the next person in line will be able to purchase it.  PayPal invoices will be sent out as soon as a buyer has committed to that item and provided a PayPal email. If a buyer does not pay the invoice within 24 hours (without prior notice), I will void out of the invoice and send an invoice to the next alternate.

Please email me if you are interested.Thank you ladies so much for helping me purge my closet!

A bunch of store visits!

Ok...I know it has been awhile. I'm finally settled in my new place and finally have internet! (whoo hoo...thank you Verizon!)

Since it has been AGES since I've done a store visit, I'm going to do one large post of several store visits I did in the fall.

For one of my more recent store visits, I wore my JCrew Peacoat, Lululemon Refresh Racer in Inkwell, Lululemon Post Practice Cardi, and Frey Veronica Slouch Boots.

Turn Around Tight in White Herringbone, Size 6

I really liked these Turn Around Tights in White Herribone. I liked the ruching on the side, and the panels gave it more support than normal Wunder Unders.

I actually don't have many long tights anymore. I think I sold most of mine since they were black (and black is being slowly phased out of my life). I like how light these are and the fact I can wear them in any color....they already got a ton of wear!

The material was really thick since it was Rulu. They were completely opaque (and really soft). 

Twist and Turn Tank, Size 6

The Twist and Turn Tank was marked down....a lot. I think it was $29ish? I really loved the Nightfall color, but I couldn't justify the color since I couldn't wear it with a lot of bottoms.

Twist and Turn Tank in Toothpaste, Size 6

I ended up getting the Grey and Toothpaste version since I could wear it with almost all of my colored bottoms. I also liked that it was a great neutral with a pop of color. It is a well supported bra for a built in bra tank...especially for the chesty ladies. I don't have many built in tanks anymore, but this one is great. I will get a ton of use in the summer.

Om Tank in Ombre, Size 4

The Om Tank was cute in Ombre, but it reminded so much of my Fabletics Tank I got a few months ago. The quality wasn't much better, and I couldn't see myself paying that much for it. The Exquisite Bra was nice, but I was really hoping to try on one in Nightfall. I did like the back design though.

Karamacollected Jacket in Heathered Grey, Size 6

I really wanted to love the Karmacollected Jacket, but I couldn't justify the ridiculous collar! I didn't mind the jacket with the zipper open, but the collar was just too much to try to control.

Exquisite Tank in Nightfall, Size 6

The Exquisite Tank was pretty in Nightfall, but this was a like and not a need....so I needed to leave it in store for someone else to love.

In one of my other store visits, I wore my Rain Runner Jacket in Rust Berry (LOVE this jacket by the way), Athleta Sugar Rush Pullover, Heathered Grey CRB, and Frye slip ons.

Fleecy Keen in Fuel, Size 6

I tried the Fleecy Keen again this year, and have the same opinion as last year. It's really cute but not worth $198. It would be a better value if it was about $50 less.

Awesoma Henley in Hyperstripe Slate and Ghost, Size 6

I did pick up an Awesoma Henley on sale. I was impressed with the softness of the Henley, and it ended up being a steal on markdown.

Radiant Long Sleeve in Heathered Rust Berry and White, Size 4

I really liked the Radiant LS, but I couldn't figure out my size. The 4 looked the best unbuttoned, but looked too tight buttoned. I ended up grabbing a 4, and I'm glad I did....it ended up stretching out a tiny bit making the fit perfect.

Om & Roam in Heathered Rust Berry, Size 4

I ordered the Om & Roam pullover online in a size 6, and it was HUUUUUUUGE. I'm glad I gave it a second chance in a size 4. It has been easily one of my favorite fall items...it's so soft and warm. I love longing around in it.

Bhakti Jacket in Black Grape, Size 6
The Bhakti Jacket in Black Grape was one of my bigger disappointments this year. I wanted to love this one because of the color, but it just didn't lay right. I think the material was too thick. Last year, the black looked great partially unzipped and fully zipped, but this one looked awkward when it was anything but zipped.

Yogi Racerback in Heathered Angelwing, Size 6

I liked the Yogi Racerback because it worked with for casual and workout wear, but I thought the size 6 was a little too big.

Yogi Racerback in Heathered Berry Yum Yum, Size 4
I tried the Yogi Racerback in a 4, and the fit was much better. I definitely will get a lot of use of this tank outside the gym.

Well that is it! Thanks for being great readers! I hope to have all of my blog kinks worked out soon. Expect another blog sale. After moving AGAIN, I took it upon myself to do another closet cleanout.