Columbia Turbodown Jacket and Minx Boots

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Columbia through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Columbia outerwear, all opinions are my own.”

Columbia was nice enough to send me their Turbo Jacket and Minx Boots and asked me how I stay active out doors in the winter. While the cold, nasty polar-vortex can be a bit of a deterrent (hello hot yoga class….), I still find time to enjoy life in the chilly outdoors:
  1.        Running – Quite possibly one of my favorite outdoor activities in the winter. It gets your blood flowing, and the crisp air feels amazing. Just be sure to wear shoes with good traction….you don’t want to end up twisting an ankle on some black ice! Natural light is also at a minimum so ensure you have some sort of reflective clothing if you are running after work.
  2.        Ice Skating – In heavy metropolis areas, ice rinks pop up all over the city. Use this as an opportunity as a great date night and workout for those thigh muscles. It’s a great excuse to grab a guy and get some hot chocolate afterwards.
  3.        Playing – Who says you have to be a kid to play? Making snow angels, building snowmen, snowball fights, and sledding can all be a great way to burn those calories with or without kids. Work on that lower body by finding an awesome hill to truck up and have a blast on the way down.
  4.        Hiking – Another great activity that is low impact to the joints is hiking. Whether it’s with your family or loved one (human or fur-child), take advantage of a low-wind day to stroll through the woods.  Just ensure that you have a great pair of boots and plenty of warming layers….you’re not going to be getting that heart rate up as much as other activities so dress a little warmer!
  5.        Shoveling Snow – Yes…this is tedious labor that has to be done…but at least you get to work on your shoulders, right? Just ensure you are using those leg muscles so you don’t end up pulling your back!

I had an opportunity to test out the Turbodown Jacket, and I’m so ready for winter! Here’s a little additional info about the jacket:

Packing serious heat for the active winter adventurer, this progressive women’s jacket is outfitted with our performance-enhanced down—a combination of Omni-Heat® synthetic insulation and 800-fill goose down for ultimate lightweight warmth and heat retention, even when wet. The rich, water-resistant shell fabric has a lovely sheen, and the clean, flattering design will take you from mountain to street with ease.

I love the bold color of the jacket. I picked the red hue, and it was definitely more electric than expected (in a good way!) I like that it is such a pop of color, and the reflective lining will keep me nice and warm.

The Minx boots were super comfy. They do run a little small so consider sizing up! Here’s what Columbia has to say about the Minx Boots:

It's like a jacket for your feet. Whimsy meets technology in this versatile, lightweight boot. The waterproof woven synthetic quilted upper boasts a winter-inspired print, touches of faux-fur at collar and tongue, and 200g’s of insulation. Add to that thermal reflective lining and you’ve got a natural wonder.

I love the light color of the boots. I feel like it will match a ton of different combinations while being functional with the cozy lining and thick rubber soles. I’m going to be getting a lot of use out of these boots during the winter season without worrying that I’m going to land on my keister!

Thank you so much Columbia! I was needing a new puffer jacket this winter, and I’m really excited to be wearing the Turbodown Jacket and Minx Boots during our upcoming winter!

Check out Columbia for more product information on their Turbodown Jacket and Minx Boots.

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Lululemon Everyday Pants

So excited to see the Everyday Pant's on Lululemon's upload last night! Last year, I did a comparison to the Lululemon Bust a Move Pants and the Urbanite Pants. Lululemon releases a "communter" pant every fall, and I always patiently wait to purchase a pair to use as golf pants.

They couldn't have came at a better time...I found out that my golf team needs black golf pants for our upcoming tournament in Texas. I have a skirt and shorts, but no pants. The only options that are out there are pretty anti-feminine (on right). I pretty much gave up this year...thinking that the weird &Go items was all we were getting. I actually was looking for size 6 Urbanite and Bust a Move pants on eBay and other places, but I couldn't find my size in black.

So it is a baby miracle. I have finally found a black pair and I think I'm going to like these more than the last two pair. The Urbanite was more of an ankle pant, and the Bust a Move had not as comfortable motorcycle stitching....These look like a happy middle between the two!

Ugh...wish I didn't have to get black. I already have Urbanite Pants in Inkwell, but if they come out in one of their fall colors (i.e., Rust Berry, Bordeaux Drama, Fuel) I'm definitely buying a second pair.

If you missed my Lululemon Urbanite vs. Bust a Move Pants comparison, you can check it out here.

Update - my mom has my computer, and it's getting work done. I'm flying to Texas on the 31 and will be back the 12. Hopefully, my poor laptop will be fine and I can start posting regularly again.

Lululemon Rain Runner Jacket in Rust Berry

Last week I had some issues with my Rain Runner Jacket in the mail, but I was so happy it was finally located!

Right off the bat, this has been one of my favorite jackets since my Fo Drizzle from last year! I've had the jacket for about a week and a half, and I have worn it constantly ever since.

The biggest draw to the jacket was the color. Rust Berry is a very rich berry color that is perfect for fall/winter. I love that it goes with a lot of my neutral, navy, all works!

There's a lot of great features in this jacket. I love the zip hood and the zip pockets. While I was initially worried that the pockets would be too high for me to put my hands in, I find that they work out perfectly. I also like the reflective panels that are underneath on the back of the jacket and the cuffs of the turns it into a very practical jacket at night!

This is just to give you an idea of the reflective panels. I'm only seeing reflective material in the back and also the was pretty bright though!

I was also impressed with the fit. I order a size 6, my true Lululemon size in jackets and felt that the fit was spot on. The back gathers and creates a slight poof on the top...I actually love this because it gives it a feminine vibe. I also like that the zipped hood provides a stiffness to the neck. I also appreciated the Fo Drizzle is great for to and from, but it is too long for running. This jacket is a perfect length for a multitude of activities...I have been wearing it running, playing golf, and even casually with my Frye boots.

As for practicality, is a very well lined jacket. While the Fo Drizzle has been great for rain,  it is not a lined jacket. This one has just enough lining to be warm enough to block rain and light wind. I've actually had to take off my jacket a few times because the lining was making me a little warm!

I just wanted to give you a comparison to the Fo Drizzle. The material is much heavier than the Rain Runner, but there is no lining. I do appreciate that the Fo Drizzle has fuzzy pockets though! It has been an unexpected favorite that I would have never ordered online!

This is just to give you an idea of the reflective cuffs. The only thing I don't really care about is the perforated edging on the inside of the jacket...I know it is for venting, but it's just not necessary. I would have rather it been a solid piece.

Overall. I'm really impressed with this jacket! It has been a new favorite by far. I know the price was a little steep, but I'm wearing it enough to get my money's worth!

Just a reminder since I was getting a little bit of hate on my blog sale post....I have a 10 day golf tournament in November. With the upcoming tournament, my torn hamstring, and my broken laptop....I will not be posting as regularly as I have in the past. While I appreciate all of the readers on this blog, I have to make my tournament and recovery a priority. Always appreciative of you all!