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Nimbus Groovy Stripe Scuba, size 4, $75 .

Surge Pique Base Runner Half Zip, size 6, $75

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Lululemon Upload!

Wow...what a lot of the "great granite" print tonight!

I think Lululemon has been going a little nuts with their prints lately. It seems like that the last few groups of prints have been over produced into exhaustion. Secret garden, flowabunga, petite fleur, and camo had been made into every product imaginable....plus more.

Tonight is no exception. Tonight is the night of "great granite" as we saw all black and white and a stone print in the midst of summer. Pretty bleak and boring for those supposed cheery summer nights. While I do like a great print, I feel like it should have been a compliment to a solid color pallet. I don't know anyone who needs the Bring Back the Track Jacket, Scuba Hoodie (x 2), Open Your Heart Tank, Cool Racerback, Wunder Under Crops, Inspire Crops, Speed Shorts, and Pacesetters...all in lovely "great granite." Seems a little excessive, no?

While the Weightless Crew is nice in crisp white and black, I find the quality a little lacking for $78. It is great as a cover-up in the middle of a humid summer, but the price should be at a lower price point. I remember it fitting a little boxy and understated for such a high price point. If it was more like $58, I would have grabbed at least one...ok....probably 2-3....but I can't even allow myself to buy one at full price.

I like that Lululemon is offering some new Lab-inspired items. The pieces are edgy and stylish, but none of the items have been for me.  I can appreciate their appeal to others as I pass on these.

I really love the Bring Back the Track Jacket. I'm VERY excited to be able to try it on in local stores to find my proper size. I think there is something very elegant about the back of the jacket....especially how it drapes. I could "settle" for one in black, but I'm going to patiently wait for one in color.

I did have to snatch up the Tuck and Flow and Tye Dye Swiftly SS. I'm not sure if I'm going to love the Tuck and Flow, but I love my Exhalation Pullover so I think I might. I sized down to a size 4 in my Exhalation Pullover so I did the same for the Tuck and Flow. I also ordered the Swiftly in a size 4. It seems like they are running a little large lately. The size 4 used to be tight on me so I sized up to a size 6. I thought the size 6 was too loose and sized back down to a 4. Now the size 4 doesn't look that tight anymore. I don't know! :) I give up.

How did you feel about "great granite" and tonight's upload? I'm not typically a huge black and white person, but I'm really excited to get the tye dye Swiftly!

Lorna Jane Review - Mod Squad Tights and Tanika Bra

I received my Lorna Jane package today! I was really excited about this package. I ordered the Mod Squad 7/8 Tights and the Tanika Bra:

The Mod Squad 7/8 Tights were released on the last day of their 2 for 20% off promotion. I  love, love, LOVE these Mod Squad 7/8 Tights. Not only is the print super cute, I really like the color pallet. I probably didn't "need" the bra but wanted to take advantage of the 20% promotion....it makes the brand a little more affordable. They also were restocked the Tanika Bra so I picked that one up too so I could use the promotion.  I got the crops for $71.99 and the bra from $50.39...much better than the original prices. I would say Lorna Jane's prices are comparable to Lululemon's.

I ended up ordering a size small based off of their size chart. This is my first pair of Lorna Jane leggings so I was crossing my fingers that the size was right.

I really liked the crops when I pulled them out of the packaging. I also really appreciate that Lorna Jane uses really nice materials. I could instantly tell that the material was thick and soft.

The Mod Squad 7/8 Tights were made for more agile workouts like running and crossfit. There is reinforced vertical stitching on the rear and an internal infinity drawstring around the waist. I also like that the logo is discrete and on the front hip.

 I was a little bummed that there was no internal or external pocket. I kept checking them over and over to see if I missed it somehow.....but, unfortunately, there is no pocket.

Since there are not a lot of Lorna Jane stores in the U.S., I included a close up of the hang tag.

Not a single complaint on the material and fit. They fit really well.....not too tight and not too loose. There was enough compression in the back for heavy workouts, and the material did not show panty lines or lumps/bumps.

The pattern was a little more muted than I was expecting, but it was just as gorgeous in person as online! I really love all the purples with the yellow, grey, and black!

I busted out a few Lululemon Cool Racerbacks to give you an idea of the colors used in the pattern. 

Clockwise, from top left: Bruised Berry, Power Purple, Ultra Violet, Grapeseed, Clarity Yellow, and Pretty Purple. 

For a great weight lifting outfit, I've thrown together a few of my favoites:

Clockwise, from top left: Lululemon Ribbed Cool Racerback in Clarity Yellow , Lululemon Ebb to Bra in Heathered Black, Goodys' Skinny Black Headbands, Brooks Pureflow Running Shoes in Black, and Lorna Jane Mod Squad 7/8 Tights.

I really love these leggings! Purple is one of my favorite colors so I will have a ton of tops I can wear these with. I can't wait to wear these to the gym!

If you missed out on the Mod Squad 7/8 Tights, no worries! I have seen a LOT of Lorna Jane items restocked so be patient and keep an eye out. I also saw that their Australia site got the full length leggings so that will be another option too!

My other item is the Tanika Bra in Seychelles. I have been eyeing this bra for awhile so I was really happy to see it restocked. Like my other bras, I ordered a size small.

I thought the color of this bra would be similar to Lululemon's Fresh Teal, but it looks closer to Bali Breeze. I'm glad it's not a 100% match because I already have a bra in Bali Breeze....I would say it is a shade or two lighter.

Here's a close up of the hang tag in case you were interested in the item information. Despite what the instructions say, I haven't had any issues washing my Lorna Jane Bras. I throw them in a delicates bag and wash them with my other sports bras in the wash. I don't have the patience to hand wash every item and I have yet (knock on wood) to be burned by that.

I really appreciate Lorna Jane's attention to details on their bras. They always have such pretty AND functional details. I love the crossed straps in the back and the fact that they have adjustable straps. The padding is pretty amazing too.

I wanted to give you guys a comparison of Lorna Jane's bra padding compared to Lululemon's. As you can see on the left, Lorna Jane's padding is significantly thicker towards the bottom of the pad. It is not the same thickness all over like Luluelemon's (which is pretty thin). You can instantly tell Lorna Jane's padding is much nicer.

I wish we had a local Lorna Jane near me because I would be curious to swap out the bra cups. I have a smaller ribcage so I need a size small per the measurements. I'm a size D cup-wise, and I would like to see what this bra looks like with slightly larger cups. (I still need to play around with the cups in these.)

The band around the ribs feels a little looser than my April and Ella Bras. I felt like I was on the large size of a size small for those bras, but this one felt slightly more relaxed.

For a fun summer look, I mixed up my new Lorna Jane Tanika Bra with a few of my other favorite brands.

Clockwise, from top left: Lorna Jane Tanika Bra, Oisell Vertical Drop Tank in White, Lululemon Bangbuster in White, Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Breathe in Atomic Mango, and Fabletics Suva Run Short II in High Intensity Print/Purple.

I really like the Tanika Bra. I can easily see it turning into a summer favorite. It will look great with all of my loose summer tanks!

So those were my two items! I really loved them both and have been so impressed with the Lorna Jane company. I love their attention to detail and eye for beauty. Every item looks like it was well thought out throughout the design process.

Lorna Jane has came out with a lot of great goodies this month. They always have quirky prints and bright, fun colors that make me keep wanting more! They have just release some MORE items for July and have my eyes on them:

Clockwise, from top left: Mod Squad Sports Bra // Quick Step Bra // Liberty Run Short // Ditsy Heart Bra // Linear Tank

I just love the quirky prints, bright colors, and beautiful details on their garments! The July collection has some great items....this makes me even more excited for August! 

If you missed out on their last promotion, they are currently running a sports bra special. Three sports bras for $135. This make them $45 each! That's a great price for high quality sports bras!

This is the SECOND time they have had a promotion on the first two sports bras I purchased! The first one was a flash sale on the Ella Bra for $33. Now the April Bra is essentially $45. I really want the Theola Bra in Ocean. I would be interested in the Pammy Bra, but there is not a third bra for me to chose from! I have the April Bra, and the Busy Working Out Bra is sold out (not that I wanted that one anyways). I don't really want a second Theola Bra so I guess I'm going to sit this one out! It's ok...there are a few other bras I'm eying, and I'll just wait for the next good deal!

What do you think of Lorna Jane? I really love their bras....MUCH better than my Lululemon. I have also been really impressed with their shorts and crops. While some of the styles with heavy logos or phrases aren't really my thing, there are several Lorna Jane items I want!

Lorna Jane has been definitely winning me over recently....especially since Lululemon's summer items have been a little "blah" lately. I'm becoming a pretty big fan!